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May 2019

Kitten Food Needed

By: chickey | Tags: #adoptdontshop#spayandneuter#kittenfoodneeded#thankyou | Comments: 0

We need your help! With “kitten season” fast approaching we know that our shelter will soon be overflowing with little ones and we do not have kitten enough food to keep their bellies full. Kitten food is easier on tummies and it is easier to digest. We currently have 9 kittens that we are feeding and currently we have just 2 bags of kitten food at the shelter.

Please consider donating a bag of hard kitten food during your next trip to our shelter. Pate is preferred if you would like to donate wet food and kitten dry food is also needed, please no Special Kitty brand dry food as the kittens find it hard on their bellies. 

Thank you for your continued support and please spay and neuter your pets. If you are an owenr of a pregnant mom cat please reach out to the shelter to find out how we can help.