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Mar 2019


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A Clarenville SPCA Success Story :)

Allie was adopted from the shelter back in June 2018. She touched the hearts of all the shelter staff, volunteers and anyone who visited our shelter. Allie was with us a very long time but did eventually find her perfect home.

Here is what her new family had to say about her:

"She is doing amazing and becoming more social but we understand that she will take much more time to achieve if at all. She has been well looked after and has an amazing companion and friend in our other dog Koda (also adopted from your SPCA). The patches in her fur have completely gone and she has achieved her perfect weight. She is still fairly skittish around new people and easily startled but she seems to recover more quickly over time. She loves the children and obeys simple commands but I would long to get her to speak. We have only heard her bark three times. They told us at her daycare, which she goes to once a week, that she is quite vocal and when we did not believe them, they sent us a video and it was amazing to see how she interacts with the other animals. Once you say are you ready to go to daycare or do you want to go play with your friends, she goes into a major dance performance running around in circles and jumping up on you and running towards the door with a lot of eagerness to get to daycare. She is an amazing addition and will always be loved and cared for."

When adopting an animal please take the time to get to know the scared & timid ones. They too deserve a loving family and have so much love to give. God Bless Allie! Much Love from your SPCA Family!